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Michelin 1-Star☆ Kyoto cuisine incorporating the styles of both traditional and kaiseki (a style that originated in conjunction with the tea ceremony)cooking, with the spirit of attention to details.

"Gion Fukushi" is a kaiseki cuisine restaurant located in Minamigawa of Kyoto's Gion district. The master and wife operate the restaurant as a pair, and in its quiet teahouse-style space, they strive daily to welcome their guests with a personalized spirit of hospitality. The owner-chef, FUKUSHI Takuyoshi, after training in his younger days at "Tsubaki," a high-end restaurant and inn with a long history in Oku-Yugawara, and in Japanese-style restaurants in Ginza, refined his skill for 17 years at the main location of the Kyoto-style restaurant, "Tankuma Kitamise,"where he also served as chef for 9 years. Following that , he opened "Gion Fukushi" in 2017.

While preserving traditional methods and remaining aware of the history that lives in cooking and the spirit of each season, the cuisine is offered that matches customers at that particular time.

Sitting at the counter made of a single piece of Japanese cypress 200 years old, and enjoying dishes as they are made right in front of one's eyes, it is a great pleasure to eat in this traditional style at the counter.

We would like you to enjoy a delicious and impressive meal with valuable family and friends.

We pray for the safety and health of all of you so that the COVID-19 infection will end as soon as possible. 



2010 - Shanghai Expo - MurasakiRestaurant - assisted

2012 - sponsored Amakara Techo - participated in New Year's Cruise (Shinshun Hatsumode Cruise)

2015 - Milan Expo - participated in Japan Week - participated in Kikkoman Week

2018 - "Gion-Fukushi" has been listed on the Michelin guide. [Kyoto・Oosaka+Tottori 2019]

2019 - "Gion-Fukushi" has been listed on the Michelin guide. [Kyoto・Oosaka 2020]

2020 - "Gion-Fukushi" has been listed on the Michelin guide. [Kyoto・Oosaka+Okayama 2021]

2021 - "Gion-Fukushi" has been listed on the Michelin guide. [Kyoto・Okayama・Wakayama 2022]

Please contact us at least 2 days in advance to make a reservation.

  Kaiseki Courses for Lunch ☀     12:00 only  

The daytime business will end on December 15th.

Lunch is open from Tuesday to Saturday. I'm really sorry. but I'd like to make a reservation at 12 o'clock.

This course is available by reservations for two or more people. 

15,000 JPY Course          18,150 JPY/Guest

  Kaiseki Courses for Dinnner ☽     18:00-  

20,000 JPY Course          24,240 JPY/Guest



※Tax(10%) and service charge(10%) to the restaurant included.   ※There is no extra charge unless you order additional drinks.

Children are allowed to be accompanied by junior high school or order.  But please contact us.


Cancellation policy

The day before     50%            On the day      100%  




In addition to making a reservation by phone. we also accept reservations from the Pocket Concierge website.


Reservation / Contact

📞 075-354-5314
I can only speak a little English. but we will do our best to respond. Please feel free to contact us.

570-120, Gionmachiminamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto,